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Money Cash Thru Internet: Google Cash Cows for Indians

Monday, August 18, 2008

Google Cash Cows for Indians

Guys from India, there is a tremendous opportunity for all of you there, who are idling at home- especially students, house wives and dropouts from the Indian Educational System, to make grand bucks through Google's Mega Money making Advertising Pill "Google Adsense". People from abroad are making upto a thousand dollars a day, with nothing but a computer and basic writing skills. However the basic writing skills can also be given a nod. These days there are websites offering free articles, which can be posted in your website as long as the credit goes to the orginal author. I have started this blog for all the beginners in Google Adsense/referral programs to start earning money while surfing. The information that I am presenting here, might not be original content, but gleamed from the web pages of
Happy milking the Google Cash Cow or nee I Say Milking the

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