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Money Cash Thru Internet: How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider For Your Blog By Tinh Tran

Monday, August 18, 2008

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider For Your Blog By Tinh Tran

Nowadays, there are a lot of hosting providers that can offer you a lot of benefits if you use their services but you will never know whether their offers are what they have promised or not. Further, your requirements and your expected hosting providers' availability sometimes do not meet. That is why you need to know it before you make any purchase by any sources like reading web hosting articles for example or hosting reviews.

I myself have experienced with several hosting companies even free hosting providers. They offer a huge amount of space and unlimited bandwidth with 99,99% uptime and free domains for life. You can also host unlimited accounts on this package but they tell a lie. The server is down many times a week with no reason or over allocated bandwidth while it is supposed to be unlimited. It is so funny. Therefore, you should refer to different sources and read web hosting tutorials or ratings about all hosting providers and choose the best one.

Last week, I have read several useful web hosting articles about some hosting providers and I found out that no hosting companies are perfect to some extent. They all have limitations either capacity or space or even allowed scripts that users can upload to server. Fortunately, I got one from those services that can fit my purpose of my blog. It does not offer huge space or bandwidth but many bloggers rated it as the top one.

Just a bit experiences on how to choose the best hosting provider for my blog and I think you should think of what you need and what the hosting companies can offer. Good luck to you all and do not hesitate to recommend any hosting providers that I can think of. Further, when you recommend me any hosting providers, please kindly send me the sources of the web hosting ratings related to that provider so I can take it into account for future reference.

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